Announcing the end-of-life of eFront 3.6 branch (including eFront open-source edition)

As of January 2016, Epignosis will stop any further development for the legacy 3.6 branch of eFront, including the open-source edition of the software.

This will enable our team to focus on our next generation eLearning platform, eFront, which was built from the ground up with modern web technologies to represent our reshaped vision for what a modern LMS should be while keeping the legendary flexibility and ease-of-use that made eFront special.

We will keep supporting customers of Educational and Enterprise eFront editions up to the end of 2016, and we will offer ample opportunities to upgrade to eFront during this period.

We will also be in close dialogue with the open source eFront user base to help aleviate any issues caused by this transition. Downloads and support material for the open-source edition will be transferred to a new website during the next couple of weeks.

We would also like to thank those of you that spread the word about eFront FOSS and helped with suggestions, bug fixes, translations, and participation in the open-source forum.

While Epignosis still champions Open Source software and will continue to build eFront on an open source foundation (leveraging open technologies and frameworks such as PHP and Bootstrap), we believe that the FOSS version of eFront failed to develop a large enough community of contributors and maintainers to be viable as an open source project.

With that in mind, we do not have any plans at the moment to offer an open-source version based on eFront core, although this is certainly not off the table for a future version.

Note that this announcement only concerns the end of further open source releases of eFront. Already released open source versions will always remain FOSS, so anybody that has built upon them can continue to use them indefinitely.

As for Epignosis, we are doubling down on our next generation eFront platform, with our usual commitment to comprehensive and fast-paced update releases and world-class support.