Built for mobile
A mobile-first platform for training deskless workers

We designed the micro-learning platform TalentCards so businesses can mass-train their people on easily-digestible material. Course administrators create beautiful learning cards in seconds and deliver training over mobile to reach learners anytime, anyplace!

TalentCards is ideal for training on safety procedures, compliance training, new product knowledge training or any other type of training situation that involves bite-sized information.

This unique mobile approach offers fast, easy, and fun training. Boosting retention and completion rates and making your people smarter.

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What makes this product unique

Unique mobile experience
Looks and feels like the apps your employees use every day making training a familiar and fun experience. Bonus: accessible wherever your people are.
Supercharged with features
Extend your learning cards with multimedia or assessments. Increase learners’ motivation with gamification elements.
Easy delivery of training
From a single group code for sign-in to bite-sized digestible content delivered through a user-friendly mobile app, it has never been easier to train your employees.
Efficiency, beautifully styled
Create captivating cards quickly and easily with our smart-fit editor. Add stunning images from our stock library or upload your own custom content.
Fast results
TalentCards lets you get information out to your employees fast, making training times shorter and increasing completion rates.
Customized mobile learning experience
Use your colors, logo and images to create a customized eLearning experience that matches your branding.