Built for mobile
A mobile learning platform for training deskless teams

Meet TalentCards, the mobile learning app that puts training in the palm of your people’s hands, no matter where they are in the world. Unlike traditional LMSs and training software, TalentCards is designed for mobile, frontline, and deskless employees— people whose jobs keep them on their feet and on the move.

Build powerful microlearning courses online, and deliver them straight to your team’s smartphones. Deliver training on safety, compliance, sales, product knowledge, soft skills, and more, without ever interrupting the work day.

TalentCards’ unique mobile approach empowers you to share valuable training information that’s easy to access, quick to complete, and makes a lasting impact.

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What makes this product unique

Mobile-first design
Unlike most training software, TalentCards is designed and built to be used on smartphones. That means that teams who work on the move finally have training software that can keep up.
Powerful microlearning
TalentCards helps you build microlearning courses that are designed to make a big impact on learners in a short amount of time. See measurable results with as little as 5 minutes of training a day.
Instant accessibility
No matter where a team member is, they’ll always have access to the information they need, when they need it. The TalentCards app works in 14 different languages, and is even available for offline use.
Learning that really sticks
Packed with features like gamification and spaced repetition, TalentCards combines training with gaming to take engagement to the next level. Watch as employees start reaching for training, all on their own.
Build your own company training app, without building a company training app. Upload your logo and customize your in-app colors to match your brand and style. Your microlearning courses will fit right in with the rest of your company’s training material.
One-step implementation
Forget months-long setup times and employee pushback. Invite users to join TalentCards via email, SMS, or even by scanning a QR code. Learners simply download the app, enter their code, and they’re in.