Quality Policy

The vision of Epignosis is to democratize e-learning by providing affordable high-quality e-learning services for organizations and enterprises with the aim of achieving client satisfaction and maximizing benefits for both the client and Epignosis’ shareholders.

The Company’s Management and employees are committed to compliance with the Quality Strategy and accomplishment of the Quality Objectives.

The Company’s Quality Strategy is to:

  • Provide high-quality products & services with an emphasis on reliability, accuracy, timeliness and performance
  • Perform all tasks at the highest quality standards
  • Meet our customer requirements
  • Build robust and long-lasting business relationships with our clients and partners, based on mutual trust, respect and professionalism
  • Strive to be flexible, reliable and accountable to our stakeholders by honoring our commitments and delivering what we promise, impassioned by excellence and innovation
  • Constantly improve our services and pursue innovations that will give us a competitive advantage
  • Deliver structural cost reductions and operational excellence of the complete system, even when our services affect part of it
  • Maximize operational effectiveness and business profitability
  • Deliver sustainable Health, Safety, Security and Environmental excellence in business performance
  • Focus on human resources as the most important asset of the company and leverage collective genius
  • Encourage innovation that increases productivity in all aspects of our work, safeguards quality and enables us to meet customer needs
  • Provide all necessary resources for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015

Applying our Strategy, the Company is committed to the following Quality Objectives:

  • Absolute compliance with client specifications and standards
  • Customer complaints elimination regarding the after-sales support
  • Improved productivity, while maintaining the highest possible quality of products
  • Rigorous application of our quality assurance system during software development activities
  • Continuous personnel training
  • Conformity to the applicable Greek, European & American legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Full implementation of the Quality Management System designed according to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  • Improved effectiveness of the Quality System procedures

This Quality Policy has been communicated to the Company’s staff and is supported by all employees. We believe that ensuring client satisfaction results in our own satisfaction and in taking pride in our work.

The Company’s Management reviews the Quality Management System at regular intervals, in order to ensure its continuous relevance and effectiveness.

Athanasios Papagelis, CEO