Built for scaling up
A fresh, intuitive tool for your HR needs

TalentHR is a new take on HR management. Built to make you forget about spreadsheets and complex HR systems, it’s an elegant solution to your people management needs.

Keeping track of your people’s time off is simpler than ever with its customizable time off types and calendar features. Managers also save time and speed up their HR processes with automated to-do lists and self-managed user profiles.

Dive into rich people analytics and export your reports to make well-informed organizational decisions. It’s easy to set up, fully customizable, and fun to use—no IT skills required. Best of all, use your forever free account to give TalentHR a go with up to 10 users before scaling up.

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What makes TalentHR unique

Time off management made easy
Time off requests and approvals are a matter of one click for employees and managers. And, you can create custom time off types to match your organization’s needs.
Track everything, at once
Use your TalentHR Calendar to keep everyone on track and informed of coming absences, vacation days, or holidays. Customize it for distributed teams based on their locations and time zones.
People-focused onboarding
Set up automated to-do lists and onboard new hires smoothly. Add them to your portal, and they’ll automatically get assigned to all the tasks they need to get started with their new roles.
A greater sense of autonomy
Self-managed user profiles allow you to easily add new employees to your portal and have them update their own information. Hands-off people management for you, more agency and ownership for them.
Customizable reports
Keep an eye on your people analytics with customizable reports. Access and export data based on age, location, seniority, and more within your organization.
Native TalentLMS integration
If you’re already using TalentLMS or are looking for an LMS—you’re in luck. TalentHR and TalentLMS make for a seamless people and learning management experience.