COVID-19: How Epignosis is responding

In the last few weeks, communities and businesses around the world have been struck by an unexpected and once-in-a-lifetime challenge. As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, Epignosis is acutely aware of its unique position and ability to help organizations connect with and educate their communities, employees, and partners.

These are the actions Epignosis has taken to ensure the uninterrupted service of all its products, as well as do its part to contain the spread of the virus.


Safety of Epignosis’ employees and business continuity

Epignosis is fully equipped and prepared to continue providing the same level of product reliability and customer service as it does under normal conditions. All technical systems are automated and on the cloud. All staff have transitioned to working remotely. Customer success, support, and product advisors have full access to the necessary tools to continue assisting every customer.


Supporting businesses that are shifting to remote work

Having just completed the transition to fully remote work itself, the team at Epignosis is aware that other businesses are making this same transition for the first time.

To aid in this process, the team has collected all of its relevant resources in a single place for easy access. Here, companies can find information about working and training remotely, guides for building employee training programs quickly, and basic information about COVID-19 to share with their employees.


Helping the global community

As a company that offers online software built to optimize remote training, Epignosis is in a distinct position to provide help to nonprofit organizations who are on the front lines of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

To support these heroic efforts, the company’s flagship product, TalentLMS, will be available to qualifying organizations for 6 months, free of charge. This initiative applies to Starter, Basic, Plus & Premium plans. Interested organizations can find more information on how to qualify here.


About Epignosis LLC

Epignosis is a leading software solutions provider aiming to democratize learning by making premium eLearning technology accessible and affordable to any single company or organization worldwide. Epignosis produces tools that people actively use, as the balance between usability, simplicity, and fit-to-purpose is the company’s primary R&D objective. Its portfolio includes eFront, TalentLMS, and TalentCards, a mobile learning app that delivers bite-sized training in the form of learning cards.