eFront Classroom Training Module from SDMS

SDMS Ltd is a partner for eFront Enterprise eLearning in the UK. SDMS Ltd is a leading provider of Staff Development, Personnel and Learning Management Solutions that have been developed with training and personnel managers in both the public and private sector over many years.

The SDMS eFront Face-to-Face Training Course Module provides a fully integrated module within eFront for the recording and administration of face to face/classroom training events, thus extending eFront to deliver a range of blended learning options.

The Module will allow training administrators to:

– Create a Training Course Record
– Schedule a Training Event and Training Session
– Assign an Organiser to the Training Event
– Assign Provider
– Assign a Trainer to the Event
– Attach Materials to the Training Activity
– Set Prerequisites for the Event: Skills, Qualifications, and Activities
– List Skills the Course will lead to
– List Qualifications the Course will lead to
– Assign Assessments to the Course
– Assign Rooms and Resources to the Event
– Enroll Staff on the Event
– Set a Price for the Event and Process this via PayPal
– Approve an Application to Attend the Course
– Record Attendance
– Send an email confirming approval, rejection etc.
– Allow Students and Employees to view face to face training course availability
– Allow Students and Employees to apply for face to face training courses subject to line manager approval or not availability
– Select and run a selection of reports on courses, schedules, and delegates
– Provide a set of utilities for the module e.g. code customisation for training areas, course type, etc

The SDMS eFront Face-to-Face Training Course Module is a fully integrated SDMS Module within eFront, designed to enable Training Managers to plan and deliver face-to-face/classroom training courses and address the day to day tasks of training administration, providing a blended training management system.