Enterprise eLearning Platform TalentLMS Gets Spring Update

Leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis has released a major update to its Cloud-based eLearning platform TalentLMS, with a focus on improved workflow for eLearning administrators and training instructors.

The new update brings more content options for the built-in Marketplace, improved question pool management, new mass grading options, branch cloning, and a richer REST API, among other things.

Headline features for this release are:

New commercial eLearning content

TalentLMS’ built-in eLearning content Marketplace has gained over 120 modern expertly crafted eLearning courses, through a collaboration with training experts Learning Heroes.

The new courses are especially suited for corporate training (covering topics such as Customer support, Project Management, and IT skills), and can be licensed individually, or as a time-limited promotional bundle at a special, reduced, price.

Question tags

A new tagging mechanism allows TalentLMS Instructors to mark Test, Quiz and Survey questions with custom tags, making categorizing, organizing, and filtering large question pools a much easier task.

New mass grading options

The new release expands upon TalentLMS’ existing mass actions, which allow TalentLMS admins and instructors to perform management tasks on multiple system entities (Users, Courses, etc.) simultaneously, by adding the ability for Instructors to mass grade their Instructor-led training sessions (whether classroom-based or webinar style).

Branch Cloning

TalentLMS Administrators who wish to share characteristics such as custom pages or payment settings among different branches that they manage can now make use of TalentLMS’ new “Branch Cloning” options.

On top of the above major features, TalentLMS brings the usual plethora of smaller features, bug fixes, workflow enhancements and optimizations.

Additional features include:

  • Integration of OKTA’s lifetime provisioning system with support for automatic course and group assignment.
  • Automatic assignment of SSO users to existing groups.
  • A richer REST API, making more information available to existing endpoints.
  • Support for video responses to course assignments.
  • New Branch and Course filters are available for use in Notifications.
  • The ability (for Administrators) to reset a user’s course progress directly from their administration dashboard, and to modify their gamification points.
  • The Actions backend was also revamped in this release. From now on Actions-related functionality will adopt the “Automations” moniker, and there’s a new automation added: “On course X certification expiration, reset and remove course(s) Y”.

The new update also adds Turkish, Czech, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian UI internationalizations, and supports the Czech Koruna as a currency for eCommerce.

The update has been rolled out on Epignosis’ Cloud and is available to all TalentLMS account holders (though exact features may vary depending on their subscription tier). Read more about the update here.