Epignosis launches TalentHR, its brand-new HR management solution

TalentHR, an intuitive HRIS tool, has joined the ranks of the Epignosis product portfolio. Its purpose is to meet the needs of small and large-scale organizations looking for a cohesive, all-in-one solution for their HR needs.

TalentHR aims to bridge the gap between convenience and functionality—no IT skills are required to set it up or use it to its fullest. With it, companies can manage their people, track employee data, welcome new hires, and gain insight into how people are evolving within the organization. TalentHR launches with the following features and functionality:

Streamlined time off management

Employees can use TalentHR to request days off with a single click and pick from various types of time off. Vacation days, holidays, sick days, and custom time off types enable companies to shape TalentHR into the solution to fit their unique needs. Once set up, employees can access their custom Calendar depending on their location and time zone.

People-focused onboarding

Setting up automated to-do lists lets organizations easily bring new people on board. Self-managed user profiles also encourage agency and ownership for new hires from day one.

Comprehensive reports and analytics

TalentHR’s people analytics and reports features help understand how the organization works. Data can be filtered and viewed based on age groups, location, seniority, or compensation. Reports can also be exported and studied locally.

Vital data and documents available to everyone

People within the organization can get an overview of the company hierarchy, as well as access everyone’s contact information. Moreover, keeping a documentation repository with policies, guides, or training manuals for everyone to access is quick and easy.

All sensitive company and employee information remains secure. Being an Epignosis product, TalentHR follows the latest privacy protocols to safeguard data.

Native TalentLMS integration

TalentHR features native integration with TalentLMS. The integration enables manual and automatic data synchronization between the two platforms, allowing for seamless management of people and their learning.

TalentHR continues to evolve. Epignosis’ answer to people management keeps growing even more feature-rich throughout 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned for the exciting news and announcements on TalentHR and create your forever free account for up to 10 people.

About Epignosis LLC

Epignosis is a leading software house in the learning tech industry, trusted by over 70,000 teams worldwide. The company is paving the way for the democratization of training by developing premium eLearning tools that help teams reach their full potential.

Its portfolio includes TalentLMS, a zero-overhead cloud LMS, eFront, an enterprise learning management platform, TalentCards, a mobile app for training the deskless workforce, and TalentHR, an intuitive HRIS solution built for small to medium-sized businesses to help organize their people operations from a single platform.