Epignosis LLC releases eFront 5 update

With the new eFront 5 comes a brand new interface and an array of new features ready to be discovered.

This update is important to eFront users as it ensures a smoother experience and overall improved functionality as the main objective. The team is dedicated to continuously improving the platform and overall experience.

“We improved and simplified eFront to ensure that the user experience remains as modern and smooth as usual.” said Athanasios Papagelis, Founder and CTO of Epignosis.

Here is an overview of the new features and workflow changes present in eFront 5. It is certain that users will appreciate the new changes that have been made as they have been based primarily on feedback and use cases. eFront has focused on improving every aspect of itself from UI, workflows and interactions to the platform backend. All of this creates the new and improved eFront 5.

eFront Highlights

Important changes in eFront 5 include:

  • New User Interface: now user friendly and accessible. Changes to all online administrative, instructor and learner-facing pages have been made.
  • Course Catalog: a rethought and redesigned Course Catalog
  • Flow Changes: several major simplifications to the course creation process and streamlined the traversal flow options to reduce confusion around layout and terminology.
  • Custom Reports: a totally new custom report generator
  • Custom Pages: a revamped custom page engine that offers further flexibility
  • Integrated Help: the ability to access all support and knowledge base documents from within the eLearning portal.
  • Replacing system icons: a custom modern icon set means an updates portal feel.
  • Changes to the system settings: they are now even more organized for ease of use.
  • Reduced UI clutter: merging or removal of unnecessary controls has made things easier to maneuver.