Epignosis LLC releases TalentLMS 3.5 update

Epignosis has released a major update to its Cloud-based eLearning platform TalentLMS, with a focus on adding new features and creating an improved look and feel. TalentLMS is dedicated to constantly improving and optimizing training while ensuring that time and money is saved.

The new, eagerly anticipated 3.5 version, brings with it; a virtual credit system to give added commercial flexibility, free SSL with custom domains as well as ILT improvements, to name just a few.


Headline features for this release in more detail:

1. A new credits system has been created: TalentLMS offers great opportunities for commercial eLearning and now these capabilities reach even further. With this virtual currency, users can buy courses without having to use a credit card.

2. Free (and turnkey) SSL with custom domains: Now, TalentLMS customers can use TalentLMS seamlessly with a secure custom domain.

3. Scheduled Reports Manager was designed: This new version introduces a thorough overview of all scheduled reports in one place for added convenience.

4. Support for OpenID Connect has been established: a popular authentication layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

5. ILT improvements were made: Higher quality visualization is now available and even more notification options were added.

6. A new visual theme was implemented: An entirely new interface has been created for ease of use and to achieve an updated look to the existing dashboard and beyond.

7. Video-conferencing has been updated: The new release brings the latest stable version of the embedded BigBlueButton engine.

8. The ability to deactivate users on a specific date is now available: Directly from the user profile screen, users can now schedule when users will be deactivated.


On top of the above major features, TalentLMS brings the usual addition of smaller features, bug fixes, workflow enhancements and optimizations.

Read more about the update here.