Epignosis’s products remain the only LMSs that are GDPR-compliant

TalentLMS, eFront, and TalentCards, have officially renewed the EU Cloud of Conduct (GDPR) privacy certification. Respecting the data that the customers entrust to Epignosis, the company remains the only learning technology provider with such a certification that has been officially approved by the EU data protection authorities (EDPB) pursuant to Article 40.7 GDPR since June 2021.

Specifically for TalentLMS, the public report of the EU Cloud CoC states that

“Customers have full ownership and control of their data and training environment. They can enroll their users and sign them up to the courses (“Learners”) created in their domains by their Instructors, and configure and customize their domain. For instance, each Customer may specify custom user roles for his domain with specific permissions. TalentLMS features a robust reporting framework that keeps admins in-the know. It also offers a list of optional integrations, and capabilities when it comes to customization.”

In 2021, the EU Cloud CoC became the first-ever transnational code of conduct tackling all cloud layers to receive official approval by European Data Protection Authorities to ensure and prove GDPR compliance for all service types of cloud computing.

EU Cloud CoC, pursuant to Article 40 of GDPR, makes it simple for cloud service users – particularly SMEs and public bodies – to determine whether a given cloud computing-based service is GDPR-compliant. In doing so, it builds trust in online services and raises the default level of data protection in the European cloud computing market, ultimately helping to accelerate the adoption of this key technology and brings the benefits of cloud computing to a wider section of Europe’s economy.