Training remote employees increases happiness, productivity, communication, TalentLMS survey finds

A new TalentLMS report explores the work and training needs of a new kind of workforce that has been transforming business in an era of distance.

The survey, in which 1,000 remote employees in the U.S. were asked about their new work and training habits, highlights the importance and benefits of providing people who work from home with training opportunities.

Eighty-one percent of remote employees consider getting work-related training as important, and 61% stated that they need additional training to perform better in their roles. 

In fact, employees who receive training from their employers report feeling valued by their employers at a higher rate (63%) than those who don’t (44%). Same goes for reported levels of happiness while working from home (73% versus 64%), communication with their team (65% versus 52%), and their productivity (72% compared to 65% of those who don’t receive training). 

Ahead of the holiday season, remote employees were asked what three perks they’d like to receive from their employers. Their top answers were “a stipend to cover new office furniture for my home” (75%), “a meal allowance to order lunch for delivery” (65%), and “a training course of my choice” (58%). A subscription to a streaming service, such as Netflix or Spotify, came fourth (53%).

New work habits

When asked what helps them boost motivation levels during the day, listening to music was remote workers’ top pick (66%). Chatting with a colleague came in second (49%), followed by exercising (46%).

It is surprising that even after months of working remotely, just one out of three people (36%) work from a home office. Thirty percent work in their living room, 17% in the bedroom, 11% in the dining room, and 6% in the kitchen.

However, to adjust to the new work reality, 59% of respondents have rearranged some area of their home to have a dedicated workspace, and 50% have bought furniture (i.e., a desk, a chair, or a laptop stand) to help them be more productive. Sixteen percent report having found somewhere else to work outside of their homes, and 6% even relocated or moved homes.


Read the full report here.

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