Summer TalentLMS update

TalentLMS, has now released its Summer update. This includes workflow improvements, requested enhancements and a general clean-up. Redefining training to ensure maximum output while saving time and money, TalentLMS is dedicated to continuously improving their product.

Prior to the more extensive update, due to be released later on this year, this update was important for TalentLMS and its users. The latest update will ensure that users have a smoother experience with improved functionality as the main result.

In TalentLMS, eLearning is key and the ability to easily deliver courses to users is becoming even more simple despite the improved functionality of this latest update.

“We improved and simplified TalentLMS to ensure that the user experience remains as modern and smooth as usual.”

Athanasios Papagelis, Founder and CTO of Epignosis.

TalentLMS Highlights:

  • An improved embedded code editor for your portal customization and content authoring is one of the main improvements as well as a new document viewer for various file formats, making life simpler for TalentLMS users.
  • There is also a new viewer, which integrates with Box Platform’s content-handling and rendering service, allowing us to build a best in class content viewing experience and will be the foundation for more innovative content-related TalentLMS features down the road.
  • In addition, the ability to upload files directly from your Google Drive account by entering the “shareable link” for the file in the “upload from external URL” text field has also been added.
  • For those who utilize the reporting functionality, TalentLMS has made improvements here too. These include revamping the user filtering options for custom reports, tracking of course rule changes and improved accuracy in SCORM reports. All of which are invaluable for online learning.
  • TalentLMS have made sure to add new certificate templates, made marketplace improvements and added new automation options. All of which ensure that this latest update keeps TalentLMS current.

Read more about the update here.