Epignosis’s TalentLMS releases its spring 2021 update

Epignosis LLC has released the Spring 2021 update for TalentLMS, its award-winning learning management system. The latest update gives learners more flexibility and admins more tools to manage the learning experience.

TalentLMS 4.6 new and improved features:

  • Expiration date: Admins can now set one universal expiration date for their courses. This means that all learners will have the same deadline to complete a course, no matter when they join.
  • Weighted tests and assignments: Users can assign a weighting to their tests and assignments based on their importance. This way, units of different difficulty levels will be created.
  • Re-taking successful tests: Learners can take and submit a test again, even if they passed, to practice more and improve their score.
  • ILT reports: Users will now get more targeted and accurate insights about their ILT sessions with the new ILT-specific reports. They’ll also be able to add past events and get richer data.
  • Discussions: TalentLMS 4.6 makes it easier to go through discussions, as learners will be able to subscribe to the topics they want and sort discussions in multiple ways, including alphabetically and by most recently commented.
  • Notifications: Admins can now set recurring notifications to remind learners of a course. They can also send separate reminders for each session of a multi-part ILT unit.
  • Custom homepage: A button can be added as a call to action to any text and media, or banner section of the homepage.

The TalentLMS spring update comes with significant improvements in the platform’s infrastructure and UI, too. TalentLMS users will also notice upgrades in various integrations.

For more details about new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please see the official Release Notes.


About TalentLMS

TalentLMS is the LMS built for training success. Designed to get a “yes” from everyone, it’s where great teams, and companies, go to grow. With an experience that’s fully customizable, easy to manage, and a joy to use, teams embrace training while feeling right at home. TalentLMS makes it easy to provide the right training for any team and every use, while giving expert guidance and support every step of the way. TalentLMS is on a mission to democratize training, serving over 70, 000 teams worldwide, 8000+ customers, and 11 million learners.

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About Epignosis LLC

Epignosis is a leading software solutions provider aiming to democratize learning by making premium eLearning technology accessible and affordable to any single company or organization worldwide. Epignosis produces tools that people actively use, as the balance between usability, simplicity, and fit-for-purpose is the company’s primary R&D objective. Its portfolio includes eFront, TalentLMS, and TalentCards, a mobile learning app that delivers bite-sized training in the form of learning cards.