U.S. employees want more upskilling opportunities from their employers

Results emphasize the importance of upskilling and reskilling in today’s rapidly changing job market.


San Francisco, May 13, 2024 – Today, TalentLMS, a learning management system for corporate training, in collaboration with Workable, an HR suite for hiring and employee management, is releasing a research report on the State of Upskilling and Reskilling.

The survey, conducted among 1,000 employees working across U.S. industries, reveals a strong demand for continuous learning. Notably, 71% of employees express a desire to update their skills more frequently and an overwhelming majority (80%) want companies to invest more in upskilling and reskilling.

But what motivates employees most? Across all age groups, the primary motivator for pursuing upskilling and reskilling is the same — aspiration for personal growth. “Growing knowledge and skills for personal growth” was followed by “meeting job requirements or qualifications” and “staying up to date with industry changes and advancements.”

“It comes as no surprise that personal growth has emerged as the number one motivator for employees to participate in upskilling and reskilling programs,” said Nikhil Arora, CEO at Epignosis, the parent company behind TalentLMS. “People seek a sense of purpose and inspiration, and learning has always empowered them in this pursuit.”

The research also sheds light on the impact of upskilling and reskilling programs on job security. Nearly four in 10 employees (37%) are concerned their current skills will become obsolete in the future, and 64% of respondents say upskilling and reskilling training has been useful for their job security.

Although relatively high, satisfaction rates with companies’ upskilling and reskilling programs seem to decline over time, from 78% in 2020 to 71% in 2024. The survey also indicates satisfaction with these programs grows with age: it peaks at 77% for employees over 54 years old and bottoms out at 54% among Gen Z employees. Also, the survey suggests 20% of Gen Zers don’t think their manager or supervisor understands their skill development needs.

When asked about artificial intelligence (AI), 50% of U.S. employees agree  their current job would benefit from the integration of AI technologies and 39% say they use AI skills in their current role.

“While half of employees see AI’s benefits, it seems there’s more to realize about its full impact,” said Rob Long, CRO at Workable. “I’m convinced a majority would benefit from its integration, leading to increased revenue and productivity across diverse sectors.”


Download the full research: https://www.talentlms.com/research/employee-upskilling-and-reskilling-report
For more information, please contact: press [at] epignosishq.com

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